OpenProj is one of the few project management software programs available on the Mac platform, intending to replace Microsoft Project. Unfortunately it is impossible to easily export schemes as PDF for use in publications. OpenProj was forked to ProjectLibre which promises to release a new and improved version in August 2012.

Until that time, there are a few people who wrote patches for OpenProj so you can fix it yourself. openprojext adds an 'export to PNG' feature for OpenProj, and Eduardo Suarez-Santana extended this patch to also allow 'export as SVG', which subsequently allows conversion to PDF. The latter patch worked fine for me so I put up a patched version of OpenProj 1.4 online. It is patched exactly according to the instruction on Eduardo's website, using Batik version 1.7 and XML Commons External version 1.3.05. To start it, run

 java -jar openproj.jar

There is also an even more extended patch for OpenProj called Angelfalls, but I did not get this running easily and export to SVG was all I needed anyway.